A Secret Shared with Death by Ariella Isabella (ePUB)

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A Secret Shared with Death (Gods from the Oblivion #1) by Ariella Isabella – Free eBooks Download


“Sometimes it’s the people who hurt us the most that turn out to be our greatest love.”

After watching my village be burned to the ground by elves, I feel the darkness stir below my skin and bones. This deep itch, and voiceless whisper tells me that there’s a way to get my revenge, if I only take the hand that’s offered to me. What I didn’t expect was for that hand to be attached to the Lord of Death, and come at the expense of my sanity and heart.
Accepting help from Death was only the first plunge into the magical world of the Oblivion, and following him to the Fae kingdom of Nádine certainly won’t be the last. King Caspian rules over the Glass Court, a gilded cage where I am trapped with beasts who’s eyes roam over me with disdain. When the king takes an interest in me beyond my strange powers, the target on my back grows.
My abilities have drawn the attention of King Silas, the elf responsible for the inferno that engulfed my home. He’ll stop at nothing to capture me, and use my powers for his crusade across the continent.
Strange dreams haunt me, and I can’t help the confusion that plagues me when I think of the two males who would burn the world for me. The dark power inside of me is alluring, and it promises to satiate my lust for retribution, but at what cost? How long can I conceal my magic? A secret I’ve only ever shared with Death.

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