A Secret Baby By the Bratva by Lexi Asher (ePUB)

secret baby, lexi asher

A Secret Baby By the Bratva (Morozov Bratva #2) by Lexi Asher – Free eBooks Download


One night with a cold Russian gave me a secret baby. Now I’m forced to marry him.
I didn’t know that I was promised to him at birth.
I didn’t know that they’d kidnap me to force me into this arranged marriage.
But now I’m a pawn in a Bratva game, and he’s dictating the rules.

I know how dangerous he is. I’ve seen the blood on his hands.
The Bratva rule our city. The Bratva take and give what they want.
And right now, he wants me. He wants to own me, control me.
He wants me as his Bratva bride, and our daughter as his heir.

I’d forgotten what it felt like to feel his harsh lips on mine.
I’d forgotten how his cold hands light fires along my body.
I’m forgetting that I didn’t want to marry my baby’s daddy.
But now that we’re here, just me and him…
Can I give myself to the ruthless Bratva…again?

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