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right royal ruse, maude winters

A Right Royal Ruse by Maude Winters – Free eBooks Download


Was it all just a ruse or was it true romance?

Crown Prince Olav has behaved badly and his father King Gustave is done with his womanizing. Handing him a public image a boost, his parents task him with showing his friend’s baby sister, Princess Kiersten, around Oslo.
Princess Kiersten is visiting Norway on a scouting mission. She’s an equestrian hoping to land a new horse and a new coach after a series of unfortunate events. She thinks she’s found the perfect mount and coach in Norway. The problem? Kiersten’s father isn’t going to put up with her moving north without a valid (and a horse isn’t good enough).
Kiersten, hearing Olav’s woes, concocts a plan to get them both what they want. Olav could live in peace without fearing his father’s wrath and she could ride the horse of her dreams. Olav agrees reluctantly. There’s an age gap and he’s not looking to play babysitter. The ruse begins but they soon catch feelings. Kiersten sees good in Olav that he’s forgotten. Olav may be the one to break Kiersten out of her shell. They’re grumpy and sunshine – complete opposites – but better together.
After an emergency and a public scandal rock both royal families, Kiersten and Olav must make a big decision. Do they stay together or was it all just a ruse?

This first book in the Royal Ruse Series pulls in two side characters from the Spare Change Series universe gives readers all the fake relationship spice readers love. Readers will laugh as Kiersten and Olav learned to find themselves happy in the now of this moment and swoon at the heartwarming he-falls-first vibes.

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