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A New Year Baby (Snowflake Creek #4) by Olivia Noble – Free eBooks Download


Jack Frost
Stella was the love of my life, and I asked her to marry me on New Year’s Eve. After she refused, I was heartbroken. I left Snowflake Creek to work for Doctors Without Borders. I vowed never to return. But with my dad’s declining health, I must go home to our small town… I hope to make a few final memories with him before he completely forgets who I am.

Stella Valentine
Jack didn’t know that I was pregnant when he walked away. I always loved him and only him.
Years have passed, and little Luna is the joy of my world. I lead a simple life as a single mom, running my bakery in Snowflake Creek. I make bread and pastries for the Frosts, and they love Luna like she is family, unaware that she is.
But when Jack comes home, it turns my whole world upside down. My peaceful existence is shattered, and the sight of him awakens feelings I haven’t had in years. Will he hate me if he finds out about Luna?
I bake when I’m stressed. Would anyone like a cake?

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