A Moosehead Spring by ChaShiree M. (ePUB)

moosehead spring, chashiree m

A Moosehead Spring by ChaShiree M., MK Moore – Free eBooks Download


Rose has been slowly been breaking, her heart heavy with her husbands resistence to having more babies, despite how much she wants to expand their family. Everyone knows what happened the last time, but looking at thier beautiful toddlers, it was worth every ssacrifice. Now she just has to make him see. Even if she has to trick him to do it.

Max loves his wife past the point of insanity. SHE..is his everything, along with their kids. There is nothing in this life or the next her won’t do, or give her. Except more children. Last time almost killed him and nothing is worth the heartache they went through. So why is she pushing this so hard? How long can he continue to deny the love of his life her hearts desire, before he loses her?

When the Crawford’s fall in love, they fall hard, forever.

This is a short peek into their life. A hello at some fellow couples we also love and a mystery unfolding before your eyes. So just sit back and say hi to some old friends.

Welcome back to Moosehead!!

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