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A Miracle in Sin City by Ann DeFee – Free eBooks Download


Lucy Carson is a Las Vegas teacher with a proclivity for all things retro. Her dream is to have a baby, but considering her sex life has been a big fat zero for a very long time, a baby shower seems highly unlikely. In her world, men are pond scum—an opinion courtesy of her lower than a rattlesnake’s belly ex- hubby.

Jamie Randolph is a tabloid journalist whose only goal is to return to mainstream reporting. His life turns topsy-turvy when a couple of weirdo angels bribe him to get involved in their scheme to help Lucy. Although Lucy turns out to be mighty appealing, she’s strictly off-limits. Getting smote—whatever the heck that means—is not his idea of a good time.
And last, but certainly not least, we have Coco and Ace—wanna-be angels desperate to earn their wings. The Powers that Be task them with making sure that Lucy and Jamie fall in love. So what will it take to accomplish that objective? How about a miracle called parthenogenesis—fertilization without the benefit of sperm found in lower level life forms. Far-fetched—yep, but that’s why it’s miraculous.

Set in a Vegas that tourists rarely see, with a cast of eccentric characters—a Transylvanian hit man, a drag queen named Merry Chino Cherry, a devil’s minion who moonlights as a personal injury lawyer and a drive-thru wedding chapel—this story has all the elements of a rollicking good time in Sin City.

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