A Minx for Ryek & Holden by Lynnea Lee (ePUB)

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A Minx for Ryek & Holden (Tallean Mercenaries #5) by Lynnea Lee – Free eBooks Download


They will never take what is OURS!
Little human Angie escaped the Dominion three years ago. Now they’re here to take her back. But the Dominion will never succeed. Because she’s OURS! We know Angie is our mate. It’s not a matter of if the mating bond will form, it’s a matter of when. She thinks she can avoid us. But there’s nowhere for her to run, nowhere for her to hide.

Together, we are stronger. And we will stop at nothing to protect our colony, our home, and our mate.

The Dominion is breathing down our necks…
… and all I can focus on is the fiercely protective alien warrior charged with defending our colony. I’ve lusted after Ryek for years, and now he tells me I’m his. One huge problem: he is my ex’s best friend. The worst part? Holden and I are still friends with benefits, and I still secretly love him.

When Ryek and Holden reveal they both want to share me, I’m floored. Suddenly, I have not one, but two, growly and possessive aliens demanding my attention. And they tell me they won’t stop until I am theirs.

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