A Marriage of Lies by Amanda McKinney (ePUB)

marriage of lies, amanda mckinney

A Marriage of Lies by Amanda McKinney – Free eBooks Download


Beneath the surface of every marriage there are secrets. This one is deadly.
My husband is lying. The minute he came home with alcohol on his breath and unable to look me in the eyes I knew it.
We used to be in love – the intense ‘I can’t be without you for a second’ kind. Where it hurts deep to be apart.
But now, we’re the couple that keep secrets from each other. We hide the truth.
He thought I wouldn’t find out. I’m a detective – it’s literally my job to uncover clues and solve mysteries. I know what he did.
And now I’m sitting here, in a police interview, being asked the question “did you kill her?” To which I utter one life-shattering word: “yes.”

A jaw-dropping, twist-filled emotional rollercoaster of a read for fans of Gone Girl, The Perfect Marriage,and The Girl on the Train.

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