A Lovely Deadly Muse by Evelyn Sloane (ePUB)

lovely deadly muse, evelyn sloane

A Lovely Deadly Muse by Evelyn Sloane – Free eBooks Download


On June 12th, Nik whispered three words to Leo: ‘Close your eyes,’ committing an act so unthinkable for a girl who painted and dreamed up poems. That day, Nik shattered the peace of a small California town. Seemingly gone forever from Leo’s life, Nik left behind only a cryptic notebook with names and dark motives.
Eleven years later, Leo, now a New York lawyer seeking redemption for his past failures, stumbles upon Nik at a mysterious art soirée for a renowned, anonymous artist. He believes she is the muse—the catalyst behind the masterpieces, the famed artist drawing inspiration from her tragic past. Their reunion plunges him into a clandestine world of underground art and shadowy characters, where justice and retribution intertwine.

As Leo delves deeper, he uncovers unsettling connections between Nik’s circle and his own cases. When a figure from his past turns up dead, Leo must confront a chilling possibility: are they artists, vigilantes—or something far more sinister?

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