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love unbroken, rose pearson

A Love Unbroken (Landon House #3) by Rose Pearson – Free eBooks Download


Lady Selina is shy but when she overhears a heinous plan, she must figure out how to prevent the criminals from winning!
Lady Selina has always lived in the shadow of her twin sister, Lady Anna. Being rather quiet and shy, she is hopeful of making a quick match to a gentleman of similar character to her own. Quite by chance one night, Selina overhears a terrible plan. Uncertain as to what she should do or say, Lady Selina retreats all the more – until circumstances force her to act.
Having expected to enjoy all that society had to offer, Charles, the Earl of Barrington, is horrified to discover his sister in the most improper circumstance. When the gentleman in question demands funds in order to remain silent about what has occurred, Charles feels as though he has no choice. Refusing to accept that his sister was entirely innocent as she claims, he is astonished when a young lady approaches him to tell him of what she overheard.
Both relieved and horrified, Charles must consider things carefully, grateful for Lady Selina’s help. As they continue to work together, Charles finds himself beginning to grow all the closer to the lady – but can he protect her from the same men that blackmailed his sister?\

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