A Lord’s Scandalous Arrangement by Meghan Sloan (ePUB)

lord's scandalous arrangement, meghan sloan

A Lord’s Scandalous Arrangement by Meghan Sloan – Free eBooks Download


Shunned by society’s scorn, Maria Cotswold is thrust back into London’s high society when an unexpected invitation arrives from the man she once despised, Lord Ryson. After her past debut’s downfall by rumors over her mother’s secret affair, her return reignites old wounds, desires, and the ton’s malicious gossip. Yet, the allure of forbidden passion with her childhood acquaintance surfaces and tensions burn stronger than ever. Unable to resist his sinful seduction, she must find a way to survive this scorching season.

Beneath their shared animosity lies a burning flame too potent to ignore…
Summoned by his father’s decree to marry, Arthur is taken aback to learn that the chosen bride is none other than Lady Maria. Remembered as a mere girl from his past, Arthur plans to divert his father’s intentions by orchestrating Maria’s match with another. Yet, when she re-enters his life as a bold, captivating woman, Arthur’s resolve begins to crumble under the weight of forbidden passion. As he succumbs to their undeniable attraction, he risks scandal by daring to explore the depths of lust in the dead of night.

Will he surrender to the desire that threatens to consume them both?
Caught in a sinful game of love without their will, Maria and Arthur realize there’s more than meets the eye. As they steal forbidden kisses and embrace scandalous moments, the shadows of their past threaten to engulf them. Will their mysterious liaison be their driving force to a future together or will preserving their reputations prove to be more important? Can fate’s passionate bond be extinguished after all?

“A Lord’s Scandalous Arrangement” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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