A Lady’s Tantalising Game by Emily Honeyfield (ePUB)

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A Lady’s Tantalising Game by Emily Honeyfield – Free eBooks Download


Lady Isabella Finch, daughter of the Duke of Coventry, has grown tired of her dreary life indoors. Being the fiery woman she is, she cannot abide by all the petty rules and regulations enforced upon ladies of her class. One fateful day, when the son of a talented local blacksmith is delivering swords to her father, she feels tempted by his seductive beauty and decides to play a tantalising game… Will a simple man offer her the most arousing romance of all or will he destroy her reputation and her family’s name forever?

During his visit, Jasper Burnet, son of the local blacksmith, instantly bonds with the Duke of Coventry over their shared love of fencing. When the Duke offers him a position at Highbury, he accepts right away. What he could never imagine was the enthralling chapter that was about to begin between him and the Duke’s scandalous daughter. He knows he is playing with fire with the feisty Isabella and yet, he can’t resist his burning desire… Will he withstand the pressure of a high born Lady’s wicked plans or will this untamed affair break his heart forever?

Isabella and Jasper are worlds apart. Nonetheless, a powerful attraction beyond what either of them have ever experienced, is slowly uniting them… How can they ever hope to be together, especially when Isabella is being courted by a proper gentleman? There is no place in this world for a daring Lady and a restless blacksmith’s son, and yet, they are willing to risk it all. Will they withstand the pressure mounting against them or will their lustful passion dissolve before they surrender to one another?

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