A Lady’s Sinful Journey by Meghan Sloan (ePUB)

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A Lady’s Sinful Journey by Meghan Sloan – Free eBooks Download


Miss Matilda Bishop, being the daughter of the Earl of Hardon, always dreamt about the life she never had. Ever since her childhood, she used to have her nose in a book, reading about the power of true love. Little did she know that her heart would soon flutter for the first time…When an attractive young man starts working as a carriage driver for the Earl, desire instantly sparks inside her. However, her stubborn mother has other plans for her, pushing her to secure a good marriage. Will Matilda accept a forced marriage with a man she does not love or will she find the courage to go after the flaming passion she truly dreams of?

Aaron Masters is a charming man who was deceived by the lies of a cruel woman that once loved. Even though the traumas of his past still haunt him, he decides to leave everything behind and take a job at the Hardon House. Life there turns out to be a world of freedom, until he is captivated by Mathilda, both physically and mentally. Despite trying to fight the undeniable attraction to a woman who was never meant for him, their sizzling connection is impossible to deny. Will Aaron finally surrender to her irresistible beauty or will he resist the temptation and stay focused at his new job?

Just when Aaron and Matilda accept that it is impossible to tame their growing feelings, Matilda is informed that a long-time childhood friend is about to propose to her. Trying to endure all the obstacles that emerge, the passionate couple will come closer than ever to each other. Will Aaron and Matilda get to live out their storybook life that they’ve always dreamed of, or will their lust vanish forever?

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