A Lady’s Quest for Love by Alice Kirks (ePUB)

lady's quest for love, alice kirks

A Lady’s Quest for Love by Alice Kirks – Free eBooks Download


Lady Sophia, the sweet and bubbly daughter of the Earl of Westford, has been raised with the principle of putting aside her own dreams for the sake of duty. Even though she secretly longs for adventure and a dreamy romance, in no case would she ever do anything to disappoint her beloved parents. When her dear father passes away, he leaves behind a mysterious and fateful quest for Sophia- a quest that she will have to carry through no matter what. Little did she know that the quest’s clues would very soon lead her to the person who would warm her broken heart and haunt her dreams. Could Sophia’s love with the charming gentleman flourish despite knowing her mother would never approve of such a match? Or will she end up following the lonely path of duty once again, letting her hopeful heart down?

Luke Beaumont has managed to write his own life story, despite being the son of the Earl of Astley. Convinced that the high society is a place where he cannot fit in, he decides to abstain from it, opening his own bookshop and getting lost in the magical world of the books. When the lovely daughter of his dear friend crosses the doorstep of his little shop, he is instantly drawn to her bright spirit and remarkable beauty. This is why he immediately accepts when the dazzling woman asks for help with her father’s treasure hunt, despite knowing how hard it will be not to fall for her. Will Luke manage to successfully help Sophia fulfil her father’s last wish and discover the true meaning of life along the way? In the course of time, will Luke find the courage to confess his deep feelings and claim Sophia’s heart?

Sophia and Luke will quickly turn out to be each other’s perfect match and their story resembles a fairytale love, just like the ones written in Luke’s book collection. However, Sophia’s mother has other plans for her, demanding that she should marry a cold Marquess who could never make her happy. In an endless vacillation between duty and love, will Sophia and Luke manage to break down the walls that keep them apart? Will the two of them find the way to turn their two separate worlds into the most wonderful romance ever imagined?

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