A Lady’s Beloved Novelist by Abigail Agar (ePUB)

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A Lady’s Beloved Novelist by Abigail Agar – Free eBooks Download


The dashing Andrea Pitt is a polite, well-bred lady with just one potentially scandalous habit: her obsession with her cherished adventure novels. Even though these books fill her rather uneventful life with suspense, they make all of her prospective suitors look awfully dull. For the romantic Andrea, no one could ever compare to the dreamy protagonist of her books…

Could it be that reality will surpass even her daydream of a hero?

After his adventurous journeys, James Churchill, Marquess of Blandford and a distinguished military veteran, retreats to the estate owned by Andrea’s father. The reason behind this seclusion is his secret hobby. Unknown to anyone, he transforms himself into Dean Morris, author of a successful series of adventure novels. Nothing has ever thrilled him more until the moment he meets Andrea, his most fanatic reader…

Will he dare to confess his most treasured secret for the sake of love?

Andrea and James are thrust into a match that will soon challenge their feelings in the most extraordinary way. However, scheming relatives and an unexpected arrival are threatening to damage any hope of a happily ever after. Will James and Andrea break free from the trammels of a disheartening reality and write their own fairytale? Could it be that the most wonderful adventure of their life does not require to travel far and wide?

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