A Kingdom Restored by Deborah Grace White (ePUB)

kingdom restored, deborah grace white

A Kingdom Restored (The Vazula Chronicles #4) by Deborah Grace White – Free eBooks Download


When the end of the world is coming, there’s no time to think about your heart

Merletta is out of time, and so are the triple kingdoms. She can’t outswim her mistakes, and if she can’t expose the Center’s lies, so many will pay the price. Matters of the heart have no place—whether on land with Heath, or in her underwater search for her family.
Heath has accepted that there’s no simple way for him and Merletta to be together. With the wrath of the dragons hanging over Merletta, and the increasingly desperate need to clear Percival’s name, Heath has never felt more torn between worlds.
Merletta is ready to give everything in this final fight, and Heath’s attempts to protect everyone have caused his magic to grow far beyond what he once imagined. But they both know it still won’t be enough—even if they could achieve the impossible and save their two worlds, there’s no future where their paths don’t diverge.
There’s nothing to cling to but hope. And yet hope is the most tenacious and powerful ally of all…

A Kingdom Restored is the final book in The Vazula Chronicles, a YA fantasy series of four installments, which should be read in order. In addition to irritatingly inscrutable dragons, the series features a clean slow burn romance between a mermaid and a reluctantly magical human. If you enjoy adventure, fantasy, mystery, and hard-won happily ever afters, discover the world of The Vazula Chronicles today!

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