A Heart to Keep by Ashtyn Newbold (ePUB)

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A Heart to Keep (Castles & Courtship) by Ashtyn Newbold – Free eBooks Download


Five gentlemen, one eligible young lady…and her reluctantly jealous best friend.

Emma Eastwood can think of only two ways to escape a forced marriage to a detestable man: to run away, or to marry someone else. With few prospects for the second option, she escapes with the plan to audition to be a singer in London. When circumstances prevent her from reaching Town, she can think of no other place to hide than at the castle her friend Harry recently inherited. When her plan to hide herself in the castle’s keep fails, Harry’s mother invites her to stay, but with one condition. She must secure a husband from the list of eligible bachelors attending their upcoming house party. But with Harry, the man she has always loved, just an arm’s length away, the task becomes much more difficult.

After inheriting a castle, Harry Coleman hoped his luck would turn. But when he finds Emma in the keep, afraid and alone, he can’t help the feelings he buried years ago from resurfacing. But now it’s too late. He already engaged himself foolishly to a woman in London, and now all he can do is watch as five men descend upon his new home and vie for Emma’s heart—the only heart he has ever wanted.

Living within the same stone walls of the castle, both Emma and Harry hide their feelings behind walls of their own. But strongholds can’t stand forever. What will happen if it all falls to ruin?

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