A Guilty Canvas by Daniel May (ePUB)

guilty canvas, daniel may

A Guilty Canvas (A Taste of Ink #3) by Daniel May – Free eBooks Download


His love life has never been spicier, or the stakes higher. One day the other shoe is going to drop.

When the familiar becomes unfamiliar, stepping out feels less like a mistake, and more of an inevitability. Trinket’s affair with tattoo artist Mini is lasting much longer than he had planned. He knows what he’s doing is wrong, but Mini knows how to press his buttons in the best way possible.

Longtime boyfriend Zee, is not as good at pressing buttons. The more he and Trinket risk it all in the bedroom, the more they notice the cracks in their relationship. Neither dream of breaking up – in fact, even more intense commitment may be on the horizon.

As Mini challenges Trinket to cross more lines, and Zee blindsides him with a gift unlike any he’s received so far, Trinket’s control is slipping away from him. His only chance at autonomy lies in the bedroom. There are no easy answers between the sheets, but there are plenty of distractions.

A Guilty Canvas is the 30k word follow-up to Lost in the Linework, and the third book in the Taste of Ink series. It contains cheaty, kinky sex, and potential triggers. It does not end with a HEA/HFN but leads directly into part four.

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