A Governess Should Never… Lure a Spy by Emily Windsor (ePUB)

governess should never, emily windsor

A Governess Should Never… Lure a Spy (The Governess Chronicles #4) by Emily Windsor – Free eBooks Download


“So tell me, Miss Jones, why should I employ you as governess?”
A question to rouse fear within the breast of any prospective governess, unless…she wasn’t a governess at all.
Yet Amelia must secure this position by whatever means necessary as this gentleman, dubbed The Scandalous Hugh Cadwalader by fashionable society, is not all he seems. Behind the elegant finery and azure eyes is a dangerous warrior of a man, a tenacious spy for the Crown.
One who might just have turned traitor…
“Just one more question, if I may…”
With her perfect references and perfect demureness, Miss Jones appears…perfect.
Feminine guidance and distraction are required for his inquisitive ward while Hugh Cadwalader hunts a traitor in the alleys of London’s Rookery.
But can such perfection be all it seems? And was that a glimpse of golden fire within those amber eyes?
The Dangerous Spy and… The More Dangerous Governess.
One should never judge a governess by her perfectly forged references or a spy by his unblemished Hessian boots, for behind both facades lay passion untamed, subterfuge unbound and a quest for justice.
A battle of wits with only one winner… Love.
With theatres of glister and glamour, nights of shadow and menace, hairpins of poison and…being pressed to a desk by a shirtless masculine chest, the vocation of governess has never been so perilous – to the heart.

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