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golden opportunity, j marie croft

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He would change for the better because it was the honourable thing to do and just perhaps the woman he loved would grow to think better of him.

Fitzwilliam Darcy longs to escape Rosings Park following his failed proposal of marriage to Miss Elizabeth Bennet. Alas it cannot be; both he and Elizabeth having been required to remain for an additional ten days for a private ball in celebration of the birthday of Miss Anne de Bourgh.

As the days progress, Darcy finds himself increasingly alarmed by the strange happenings that he sees, and that Lady Catherine reports, in Kent. His cousin, Miss Anne de Bourgh has thrown off the meekness and ennui of her earlier years. Displaying unprecedented liveliness and rebellion, she has been visiting the master gardener’s cottage, claiming she merely seeks his advice about her herbarium, but both Lady Catherine and Darcy suspect something more scandalous is afoot. To add to this, there seems to be some sort of thievery or vandalism occurring in the house, with precious items being pilfered or damaged. Darcy’s days are further complicated when he realizes that he may have a rival for Elizabeth’s affection, a young gentleman who is the owner of an estate near to Rosings.

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