A Flaming Lady’s Secret Valentine by Henrietta Harding (ePUB)

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A Flaming Lady’s Secret Valentine by Henrietta Harding – Free eBooks Download


Lady Cecilia Norbert has always played by the rules, which is probably why rebellion felt so good. While the clock is ticking on her freedom, the enthralling Cecilia has to thwart her persistent father’s matchmaking plans and escape marriage. That is until she catches the eye of her father’s seductive steward, who is precisely the type of man the daughter of a Duke should avoid, and the one she desires the most.

What happens when honor clashes with irresistible passion?
Mr. Raphael Travers has fought hard to get where he is in life and nothing will stand between him and his career. Nothing except his employer’s tempting daughter. Little did he know that when the fiery Cecilia would enter his life, a long buried secret would come to surface. Enthralled by her beauty and her untamed spirit, Raphael is painfully aware that there’s too much at stake…

Will their scandalous affair cost him everything he has ever worked for?
As Cecilia and Raphael’s attraction grows, so does the great chasm. Their sinful game will come to a head at a Valentine’s Day masquerade ball, where masks will slip. Divided by class, torn asunder by their lust, the two valentines will have to sacrifice all they hold dear. Will they dare to risk it all or will their lives begin to crumble around them

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