A Fiery Lady’s Accidental Affair by Lucy Langton (ePUB)

fiery lady's affair, lucy langton

A Fiery Lady’s Accidental Affair by Lucy Langton – Free eBooks Download


Alone in the world with her only relative being a patronizing sister, Alicia Ramsbury feels trapped in London’s high society. Even though this is her safe, familiar environment, a part of her is missing. While she is desperately trying to find herself in a place far away from home, she ends up in distress, when her carriage is violently wrecked. Thankfully a vigorous man appears to rescue her and she instantly knows that accepting the seductive stranger’s offer for temporary hospitality is her only option. However, little did she know that the most passionate and fulfilling chapter of her life was about to begin…

Laurence Gillingham has always been a fierce young man, known for his love for the countryside and his roots. Being a farmer and having spent all his life close to nature, he appreciates rural living more than anything else. Will his peaceful and isolated life change after hosting the high-society lady that fate threw in his arms? Laurence will soon realize how much the world of London high-society collides with his rural retreat… Could Alison be the woman that will finally stimulate the mind and hidden desires of the distant Laurence?

When Laurence and Alicia come closer than they could ever imagine, they realise they may have found their missing halves in each other. However, they are struggling to leave their prejudice behind and they soon find themselves torn between love and social status. Alicia should now decide whether she is willing to sacrifice all she has held dear for a lifetime of incomparable bliss and lust. Is love enough to keep these two passionate lovers together against all odds? Do they have the courage to overcome themselves and surrender to their deepest desires?

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