A Deal with the Monster by Ava Mona (ePUB)

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A Deal with the Monster (Autumn Draft #5) by Ava Mona – Free eBooks Download


This year’s draft will change everything.
No one knows what becomes of the sacrifices sent down to the monster below each year. If they’re eaten, brutally murdered, or kept in some type of harem. But Nicole has never had to worry about any of those horrors happening to her, because her father has always used his wealth and power to ensure her name won’t ever be selected. Neither will save her this year, though.
She’s paraded in front of cameras before being fed and pampered, all while still in disbelief of what the night holds. Disbelief flees when she’s lowered into the darkness and sent down to her fate.
She doesn’t know this draft is unlike any other. Or who and what awaits her below.
Her father always told her there’s a deal to be made. But the longer the monster’s violet eyes watch her in the dark, Nicole begins to wonder if she wants to negotiate for her life or for him to act on the desire she feels between them.

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