A Deadly Heritage by Kaye Draper (ePUB)

deadly heritage, kaye draper

A Deadly Heritage (The Bestiary #3) by Kaye Draper – Free eBooks Download


I really did it this time.
We managed to escape from the Supernatural Alliance after they betrayed us. My new family of weirdos are safe from the Alliance and the cult of witch supremacists who want to take over the world. The only problem is… I trapped us in an unstable pocket world of my own creation to save us.
No problem. I’ve got this. Except some of my companions are still traumatized from their time as cult captives, I have no diabetic supplies, and… oh, yeah, I’m about to learn more about my family’s evil origins than I ever wanted to know.
But no worries. My crazy estranged sister has a plan. So, I’m sure it will all work out just fine. Unlike every other time a Lovell witch has ever thought up unique ways to use their magic…
We’re all royally screwed.

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