A Cursed Legacy by Kaye Draper (ePUB)

cursed legacy, kaye draper

A Cursed Legacy (Bestiary #1) by Kaye Draper – Free eBooks Download


My family is dead and gone. But they left their grimoire behind. Now it’s my job to free the powerful magical beings trapped in the pages. I might just find a whole new family…if they don’t kill me first.
I was just a kid when my family was executed for starting a magical war, forcing me to live my life in the human world, far away from the judgment and scorn of the magical world—and far away from the weirdos who want me to tell them all my dangerous Lovell family secrets. But when a cursed grimoire containing enslaved magical beings falls into my lap, I can’t continue to avoid my family’s craptastic legacy of pain and suffering. Now, thanks to the nagging of an annoyingly moral ghost, I’m off to free the powerful (and pissed-off) creatures in the bestiary.
I’m nothing like my horrible family. But my newfound attraction to dangerous magical beings who could murder me without a thought… yeah, that might indicate otherwise.

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