A Courageous Bride by Juniper Kerry (ePUB)

courageous bride, juniper kerry

A Courageous Bride (Brides of Beshtast #3) by Juniper Kerry – Free eBooks Download


Clara is sitting in a cage, balanced precariously on the spire of a skyscraper. Most people would be scared, but Clara is used to all of this by now. Her alien overlords love to manipulate the brains of their test subjects, and then drop them into impossible situations. With Clara’s new-and-improved telekinetic abilities, she can keep the cage balanced as long as she stays calm. No small feat when the wind blows hard.
As she sways to and fro atop her tall tower, Clara tells herself stories; tales of a strong, gentle knight with a heart of gold who will save her from this mess.
Little does she know, her knight is already on his way.
Unlike his curious friend Jessek, Corm is a warrior first; if there is not a mission to be completed, it does not interest him. Which is why he came to Earth in the first place; rescuing Laurie’s little sister sounded like a challenge.
But when Corm arrives, he finds that Laurie’s “little” sister is not so little, and the battle he needs to fight is more diplomatic than military. To save Clara, he will have to give more than his body; he will have to give his very soul.

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