A Confounding Regency Romance by Kate Archer (ePUB)

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A Confounding Regency Romance (The League of Meddling Butlers #1) by Kate Archer – Free eBooks Download


Six meddling butlers and a confounding lady.

Jemima Fornay, daughter of the Duke of Eddleston, has been entirely harassed in the months running up to her first season in Town. A certain Mr. Gamon and his two assistants have done their best to transform her into a gentle and refined lady. Mr. Gamon’s motto is “look modest, and if you can manage it, look abashed.
Sadly, Mr. Gamon left the duke’s house with his head hung rather low.

Jasper Pennington, Duke of Barstow, fulfills his duties with joyless determination. He becomes convinced it is the right time to wed and produce an heir, and so he sets out to do just that. Fortunately, he is not unprepared. He has composed a list of attributes for his as yet unknown duchess. She will be, according to him, the most refined lady in London.
Mr. Martin J. Harkinson is butler to the Duke of Eddleston and proud member of The League, a secret club of six elite butlers. These gentlemen have had the pleasure of developing a friendship due to their proximity on Grosvenor Square and have set themselves the task of providing the most elevated service to their lords and ladies. Including, very recently, a bit of matchmaking.
Mr. Harkinson should not have a care in the world. After all, Lady Jemima is comely enough, is a duke’s daughter, and brings a good dowry. Unfortunately, though, he’s spent years describing her as the gentlest and most refined young woman to step her toe in England. The League has taken that into consideration and named the Duke of Barstow as the perfect match for the lady. How is Mr. Harkinson to explain himself when his fellow members discover the real Lady Jemima?

Head injuries that never were, painful entertainments nobody wishes to attend, a dress on fire, an unplanned swim in a fountain, and a house party that would have no guests at all if the queen did not attend throw two people together who could not be less suited.

Or, perhaps less suited yet.

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