A Christmas Maker by M.K. Kerrick (ePUB)

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A Christmas Maker (Makers of New York #3) by M.K. Kerrick – Free eBooks Download


First comes love.
Then comes marriage.
Then comes a blackmail scheme I can’t escape from.
A long, long time ago I made a mistake marrying Thorin Ravenscroft in a whirlwind romance in Las Vegas. It was a short lived disaster, ending in a divorce and my name being marred in red for all of New York to see. But I picked up the shattered pieces of my soul, dusted the grime of the city off my hands and knees, and made something of myself as the well known Princess of Philanthropy.

But secrets have a hard time staying buried when your name is splashed across every news network in the country. Unfortunately for Thorin, a salacious story about his supposed drug abuse found out at his birthday party is making the rounds, destroying his name and his business in one fell swoop.
Enter King Huntington-Ward and Aillard Brookwell, claiming to be Thorin’s knights in shining armor, ready to defend him at all costs. Even if that cost is me. Suddenly I’m thrust back into the world I was exiled from, supposed to reform the image the media is creating around Thorin.

But sometimes time doesn’t heal all wounds. And right now, when we’re playing the game of pretend for the media’s sake, I wonder if I’ll ever heal at all. And the lines begin to blur around what’s real and what’s fake.

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