A Brilliant Spring by Kate Smoak (ePUB)

brilliant spring, kate smoak

A Brilliant Spring (Seasons #3) by Kate Smoak – Free eBooks Download


Brandt and Elissa’s journey has been nothing short of tumultuous, fraught with difficulties that would break the strongest of bonds.

Just when they thought they had overcome the worst, a loss that rocks Elissa’s world sends them spiraling further into chaos. Meanwhile, Riley’s troubles only compound and adds more drama to their lives.
As resentment festers and distance grows between them, Elissa and Brandt find themselves locked in a bitter struggle that threatens to tear their love apart. Rhys and Riley’s own relationship descends into toxicity, mirroring the turmoil of those around them.
But when everything reaches the tipping point and comes crashing down around them, will Brandt and Elissa, Rhys and Riley salvage their shattered relationships to find happiness?

In this gripping finale of Elissa and Brandt, the stakes have never been higher. Will these two lovers find their way back to each other, or is there too much damage to be fixed?

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