A Brazen Agreement by Tamara Gill (ePUB)

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A Brazen Agreement (The Wallflower’s Guide to Becoming a Bride #2) by Tamara Gill – Free eBooks Download


Miss Sutton Howard needs to marry, and soon, there are only so many years a lady can endure the title of Wallflower. After a disappointing first season and the many that followed, her sixth will be her last and most successful. The Wallflowers Guide will ensure her season ends well. All she needs to do is find a gentleman suitable to be her husband.
Logan Carleton, Earl Jersay knows it’s time to find a wife, if only the one woman he had lost through no fault of his own several years ago, wasn’t still on the market and complicating his life in London. Their bickering is no use, and before they cause another scandal, they must work together to gain what they both desire, spouses, just not with each other.
But when two people are thrown together with an entwined history, complications arise, along with doused desires that may not be smothered a second time no matter how hard they try.

A Brazen Agreement was previously published in the Wallflower’s Guide to Becoming a Bride anthology.

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