A Bold Proposal to Redeem his Suffering Soul by Olivia Haywood (ePUB)

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A Bold Proposal to Redeem his Suffering Soul by Olivia Haywood – Free eBooks Download


She wishes to save her father by marrying him. He is a man hardened by the wounds of his past. Will God help them find the love they both deserve?

“A strength only God could have given her coursed through her body, and she found the resolve to stay firmly rooted to her spot.”

After Layla discovers that her father has gambled everything they own away, she realizes that she must take matters into her own hands. She decides to sacrifice herself by asking his debtor, the most notorious businessman in town, to marry her. But how can she trust that this is God’s plan for her when this cowboy is the most challenging man she has ever met?
After his fiancée cruelly abandons him and their blind baby boy, Mark is determined to never open his heart again. When beautiful Layla storms into his life asking him to marry her, he bursts into laughter. But after seeing her compassion towards his son, he agrees to a marriage of convenience. How can he ever love her when his faith in God has been lost?
Mark and Layla have kept their hearts shield for too long. Will they be able to find redemption following God’s path when Mark’s enemies are coming their way?

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