A Ballad of Beasts and Brothers by Morgan Gauthier (ePUB)

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A Ballad of Beasts and Brothers (Shadow and Starlight #2) by Morgan Gauthier – Free eBooks Download


After making a deal with the King of Tronovia, Shaye attends the School of Magic to master her power and learn more hand-to-hand combat. With unlimited access to Calmara, the biggest library in the known world, she seeks answers to all of her burning questions.
Why does she have magic reserved only for the Celestials?
Is she the true Heir to the Midorian Throne?
Is Bastian, her childhood friend and fiancé, the monster everyone believes him to be?
And if all that wasn’t weighing on her enough, her growing feelings for Atlas and the revelation that their connection may be deeper than just attraction, has her fighting to keep afloat.
When the opportunity to travel to the Kingdom of Elowen arises, Shaye jumps at the chance to go, curious to see if her Frost Elf features mean she has familial ties to the northernmost kingdom. With her friends in tow, Shaye discovers more about herself than she ever dreamed possible – though she can’t shake the feeling that she isn’t safe.
With Soul Eaters still hunting her, a rare magical connection at work, and Bastian allegedly stirring an ancient evil from dormancy, Shaye must stay a step ahead and find out who she is before it’s too late.

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