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3013: Afterlife (3013 Novella) by Kali Argent – Free eBooks Download


Captain Tira Meadowlark does not need a vacation—thank you very much. She has neither the time nor desire to pursue leisure activities, and she has an especially low tolerance for nonsense. And she can think of nothing more nonsensical than playing make-believe when she has important duties to perform. Unfortunately, she has also sworn an oath to obey her king, even orders she finds to be a gross betrayal of their friendship.

Like sending her to Evo to beta test a series of new virtual reality games.
Vadis Kesski’s road to Evo has been a somewhat complicated one, and even now, he considers his stay temporary. There’s nothing wrong with the planetoid or his job. He just tends not to stay in one place for too long. Then, a fiery female blows into his life like a wild storm, bringing with her the one thing he’d been searching for.

A home.
Tira doesn’t just have walls around her heart, though. She has erected mountains and fortified them with steel. It won’t be easy to penetrate her defenses, and he fully expects her to run. But where she leads, he’ll follow, all the way to the ends of the universe, or even the gates of the afterlife.
Because one eternity with her will never be enough.

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