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1017 alamo way, cee bowerman

1017 Alamo Way (Rojo 2nd Generation: Lonestar Terrace #4) by Cee Bowerman – Free eBooks Download


“Young love is just that – young love. It rarely ever lasts.” – Terra Forrester

Ruf and Jovi were high school sweethearts who wanted different things in life. Ruf wanted to have fun exploring the world while Jovi had a plan for her future. As much as they loved each other, their lives took separate paths that pulled them apart.
Years later, as a single father of a wild little Forrester, Ruf found himself in a unique situation that added a daughter to his little family. On the same day, the life that had made Jovi so unhappy exploded and sent her reeling into the arms of the first man she had ever loved.
As Jovi’s body healed, so did her heart, and that had everything to do with Ruf and the children that she is quickly falling in love with. Not a patient man by nature, Ruf has finally found the opportunity to have everything he’s dreamed of – a life with Jovi by his side.

Join Cee Bowerman as she helps true love reconnect people who were always meant to be together and watch as they add to the family that we would all love to be a part of in the fourth book of the Lonestar Terrace series.

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