Zodiac Fate by R.C. Luna (ePUB)

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Zodiac Fate (Warrior Shifter #1) by R.C. Luna – Free eBooks Download


He’s the enemy I can’t resist – but fate has other plans.
Unlike other college students, I hide in the shadows. I should be out partying, hooking up with guys, and living it up in Miami, but instead I’m running from monsters that feast on my fears.
And if that wasn’t bad enough, my nights are filled with feral dreams and the salacious hunger of a shadow beast that seems to live inside of me.
Unprepared and totally lost, I’m told that I must get into the Aries Academy to embrace the darkness within.
But my fate is fraught with challenges. Secrets emerge about my shifter path, just as shadows begin to wreak havoc in my life.
Havoc in the form of a dark, wicked, and powerful man that makes body rage with desire whenever he’s near. Is he evil incarnate or my fated mate?
All I know is that it is he who holds a deadly secret—one that could lead me to my destiny or my undoing.

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