Zephyr by Amara Rae (ePUB)

zephyr, amara rae

Zephyr (Immortal Coven #4) by Amara Rae – Free eBooks Download


A witch with the gift of air. A shifter bred in legacy. An immortal world on the brink.

My coven relies on me to be strategic… but it’s becoming harder each day. Our list of enemies is growing, and we’re inching closer to war with the witches who want to destroy us. They believe our kind isn’t supposed to mate other immortals.
As a hybrid coven, we work twice as hard to survive.
But things can always get worse.
While we prepare to go on the offensive against the leaders of witchkind, I discover our most trusted ally, Alpha Aleksandr, is my fated mate. Our union would solidify the bond between his pack and my coven. I should be thrilled… and I was.
Until he told me he mated someone else.

My pack is my father’s legacy, and I honor him every day.
But Greer makes me question everything, including what kind of male I want to be.
She’s the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen… but she’ll never be mine.
There’s far more at work than she knows. I would sacrifice our happiness for her safety, even if she hates me in the end.
Because I was made to love the brilliant witch, and there’s a fine line between love and pain.

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