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Zachary (Veterans in Alaska #3) by Emily Evans – Free eBooks Download


I’ve finally done what I should have done a long time ago.
I’ve moved back to Virgin Falls.[AB1] To a life away from men and the heartbreak they bring.
It will be good for me. I have friends here and the people are really friendly.
Especially Zachary, who helps me get to my new place when my car plays up.
He is such a good guy, but I’m committed to staying single.
But he’s incredibly hot.
And makes me feel safe.
Maybe… just maybe… I don’t have to be so careful with Zachary?

It’s nothing usual to help Erica when she asks for directions.
I’m used to helping people, whether they’re fellow veterans or new to town.
She seems distant. Has she been hurt? I wonder what happened to her?
And I can’t help but notice that she’s gorgeous.
I try not to show how I feel. I’m not sure that would be welcome at this time.
But I soon realize that I don’t just find her attractive. I know she’s the one for me.
She’s the one I want to love and cherish and keep safe forever.
I will prove to her that even though she was hurt in the past, her heart is safe with me.

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