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Yuletide Angels (Clan Grant #8.5) by Keira Montclair – Free eBooks Download


It all starts with an invitation. One Maddie Grant is determined to accept.

When an invitation to spend the Yule season at Ramsay Castle arrives at the door of the Grant keep, Maddie Grant immediately begins to plan for the journey. But soon, an obstacle emerges, and it comes in the shape of her husband.
Alex Grant refuses to take such a risk with his family. Traveling through the Highlands in the dead of winter is madness, especially with three young bairns. The journey is more perilous than his wife understands.
Yet the idea of gathering the whole family together for the Yule season is just too tempting for Maddie. When Alex commands her to remain in their home, his sharp denial of her request only spurs her plan: She and the children will sneak away while Alex sleeps. By the time her husband wakes and chases them down, they will be closer to Ramsay land than their own.
One adventurous day in the Highlands, for a whole season with family. It’s the perfect plan.
But when a snowstorm hits and turns the adventure into a fight for survival, Maddie finds herself in desperate need of an impossible rescue, and Alex grows increasingly hopeless as he searches for his wife. Luckily, Christmas is a time for miracles, and there are a few angels who might lend the couple a helping hand.

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