Yours to Catch by Harloe Rae (ePUB)

yours to catch, harloe rae

Yours to Catch by Harloe Rae – Free eBooks Download


I used to believe love was easy to find.
My whirlwind romance would begin once I was ready to take the plunge.
Spoiler alert—every failed first date on record suggests otherwise.
Just when I’m beginning to fault my lofty standards, Garrett Foster saunters onto the scene.
The football star turned bar owner is quick to volunteer his services.
He vows to deliver the best version of Mr. Right—just to prove first impressions deserve a second glance.
I’d question these seemingly selfless intentions if Garrett’s reputation didn’t answer for itself.
Shameless flirting aside, it’s well-known that the established bachelor doesn’t plan to settle down. Ever.
He treats commitment like a bad habit he kicked in college.
That makes him a very eligible sidekick.
At least until his actions start speaking louder than words.
Almost to the suggestive tune that he’s making me miss on purpose.
Or maybe I’m just falling for the guy who claims that he’s not the one for me…

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