You’re so Basic by Angela Casella (ePUB)

you're so basic, angela casella

You’re so Basic (Finding You #3) by Angela Casella – Free eBooks Download


It’s harder to run from love when you’re living with it.

I don’t want a new roommate.
I especially don’t want a new roommate who’s loud, mouthy, and so painfully hot I can’t keep my eyes off her.
Not that I’m interested in Mira Evans. She’s made it very clear that she agrees with the ex who famously broke up with me for being “too basic.”
But Mira breaks her ankle a few hours after moving in, and a couple of days later we’re stuck in an elevator…in the dark.
Secrets are revealed; lines are crossed. Now, this woman I wanted to avoid knows more about me than some of my best friends.

I’m a workaholic who can’t work, and staying cooped up inside is driving me crazy. Not to mention my no-good ex-boyfriend took Halloween a little too literally this year and paid a psychic to hex me.
I might not believe in magic, but I can’t deny I feel like I’ve been hexed. I have a broken ankle, and I’m falling for my roommate, a man who seems as adventurous as a pumpkin spice latte served up in a hand-knit sweater.
But getting stuck in that elevator with Danny proved to me there’s much more to him than there appears to be…and I’m not the only one who’s noticed.
Maybe cabin fever has amped up my paranoia, but I get the feeling we’re being watched.

**An interconnected standalone in the Finding You series.**

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