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You’re All I Need by Summer Richards – Free eBooks Download


I thought it was going to be a day, just like any other in the office, until I was stopped in my tracks by the most gorgeous man I have ever seen. Literally. I stopped walking mid-step to gawk at him. If that isn’t embarrassing enough, I keep sticking my foot in my mouth around him, and I’m constantly hoping he doesn’t notice the way my body heats up around him. He turned out to be one of my bosses, so that’s just one of the many reasons I need to steer clear of him.


After being away for eight months on business, the last thing I expected to find upon returning home was my mate working for the company my brother and I own. Even more surprisingly, she’s a human. I’m Alpha by blood but acting Beta of the pack my brother and I are building, a pack that is currently being targeted.
I have waited years to find my mate, and now that I have, I’m forced to keep her at a distance to keep her safe. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, and it’s torture. I risk scaring Hailey away if I tell her who I am too soon. I have to resist her until the threat is taken care of. To make matters worse, the more I learn about her, the harder that becomes.

The tension between us continues to build, but will it reach a breaking point?
Will I be able to control myself and resist her until it’s safe?
Or will my need to keep her at a distance result in losing her forever?

18 years +

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