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Your Superstar (Under the Stars #4) by Raleigh Ruebins – Free eBooks Download


“I always thought I was straight. But now I’m not so sure….”

Chandler Price is a superstar. He’s had it all: the boy band, the solo music career, the leading roles in movies. But his love life just crashed and burned. Now all everyone can talk about is his messy divorce, and he’s lonely and adrift for the first time. And what’s worse? To keep his career afloat, he has to work with producer Ash Vance, who has a reputation for being… difficult.
Chandler was ready to hate Ash. He knew they’d clash like fire and ice. But when they start spending time together in close quarters, he’s more intrigued by the hotshot young producer than he’d ever admit.
Ash wants nothing more than to produce a huge hit song. After giving up on love, the last thing he’s looking for is a new flame. He’s happy to put his career first instead. Of course, he has a crush on Chandler—who doesn’t? But he knows he has to push the feelings down.

Because Chandler Price is straight.…Right?
But Chandler secretly can’t stop thinking about Ash’s soft skin. His lips. And how he’d look in bed. When they confront their feelings and come together, it’s scorching hot. But with a boy band reunion coming up, Chandler and Ash would have to risk their careers to ever go public about their budding relationship.
Can these two bright stars be together amid a constant swarm of paparazzi? And will they accept their changing identities to feel a love like they’ve never known?

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