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Young Protector (The Fierce Protectors) by Jade Dollston – Free eBooks Download


In Deadly Protector, you read about Cam and Shiloh’s amazing love story. But where did it all begin?

They both shared bits and pieces of the memories of their young love, but how did the self-proclaimed “nerdy girl with glasses” snag the hottest boy in their high school?
Young Protector details Camden and Shiloh’s sophomore year of high school, when they first met.From their first tutoring session together, Camden’s protective nature became apparent.
You’ll also get to see much more of their families, including Cam’s late mother, Deana. And let’s not forget Graham. The first time he meets Shiloh is totally endearing, and you get to see why Cam’s genius little brother never forgot Shy.
So, hop into this sweet and sexy novella to see where it all started.

This novella is a prequel to book 3 in the Fierce Protectors seriesand is best read after you’ve enjoyed Deadly Protector. Though there is some spice, I attempted to keep it a bit more low-key since they are teenagers. I hope you enjoy!

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