You Say Witch Like It’s A Bad Thing by Nicola Claire (ePUB)

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You Say Witch Like It’s A Bad Thing (Wicked Witch #1) by Nicola Claire – Free eBooks Download


Come for the boo, stay for the brew, that’s my motto. But although I’m getting a heck of a lot of boo, right now, I’m not getting my fair share of brew.
I draw the line at drinking alone, my friends. And I am currently a witch very much alone.
The Witches’ Council won’t answer my calls. That would be fine at any other time, but right now, I need some direction.
My coven is missing. All that’s left in the crypt is a dust-free rectangle where our grimoire used to be. And someone must have let the dog in because the sanctuary smells like wet fur.
But that’s not all. This dude keeps following me around. He’s big and muscly, got tattoos all over his tanned arms, and has the most delicious chocolate brown eyes I’ve ever seen.
Would it be wrong to accidentally-on-purpose let him bump into me? It sure as heck would be better than trying to solve this unsolvable mystery.
Besides, haven’t I already said? I don’t like drinking alone. Tall, Dark and Brooding might make a good booze buddy.
Among other things, of course.

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