You Can’t Fight Lightning by Lisa Manifold (ePUB)

you can't fight lightning, lisa manifold

You Can’t Fight Lightning (Gods of Thunder MC) by Lisa Manifold – Free eBooks Download


As the god of the sky, Zeus is used to coming first but he’s about to learn the price of true love.

Zeus, God of Thunder, is looking for an adventure. So he opens a map, picks a spot, and rolls off on his custom Fat Boy toward Bisbee, Arizona. He’s heard it’s a cool place for bikers but he wasn’t expecting her. She’s everything he never knew he wanted. And as the king of the gods, he always gets whatever he desires.
Roxy Kincaid is perfectly happy tending bar and minding her own business. She doesn’t have time for all the bikers who arrive at Big Pete’s with a wallet full of a cash and romance on their minds. So when “Z” arrives looking like Motorcycle Barbie’s husband complete with the permatan, amazing hair, and a smile to make her spill her beer, she forces herself to remember why she’s done with men. Been there, done that, got two headstones, thank you very much.
Z has never been made to take no for an answer. Resistance to the god of thunder? Not a thing. But none of his usual charm is enough to break through Roxy’s defenses and Z is learning that Roxy is no ordinary mortal. Determined to show her his feelings are true, Z must access a source of love magic he never thought he’d use… not in a million years.
The universe’s oldest dog is about to learn some new tricks.

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