You Are Ours, Alice by M.P. Tanner (ePUB)

you are ours, mp tanner

You Are Ours, Alice (My Fated Monsters of Wunderland #1) by M.P. Tanner, Marian Tee – Free eBooks Download


They say I’m different from all the other Alices…

Keep your head down. Mind your own beeswax. Never get involved.
That’s how I survive my day-to-day, but when I see the new girl in school being bullied, insanity takes over for a sec, and the next thing I know I’m falling down, down, down into the rabbit hole.
I thought it would be easy enough to escape, but this Wunderland I’m trapped in is stranger and scarier than the books.
I mean…remember the Cheshire Cat?
He’s now a wicked were-tiger who taunts as good as he kisses.
What about the Mad Hatter, you ask?
He’s become a feral were-lion who likes to play real rough.
And if you’re wondering about the Queen of Hearts…
Make that the cursed king of heartbreakers instead, with how he can shift from gentleman to monster in a blink…and leave me crying and shattered in his wake.
These three men are as sinful and irresistible as the Wunderland they live in, and just when I thought it couldn’t get any more twisted…
That’s when I learn all of them are my fated mates.

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