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Yool (Holidate with an Alien #4) by Tana Stone – Free eBooks Download


I’m bringing a rough-around-the-edges, alien smuggler as my plus-one to a holiday party on the Valox rebel base. But can I convince them that he’s my boyfriend before sharing my small room drives us both mad? Let the fa-la-la-fun begin!
This might not be so hard if I was the kind of girl who dated bad boys. I’m not. I’m a fighter pilot for the Valox resistance who can hold her own against any tough guy. It doesn’t hurt that I spent my childhood being carted around the galaxy and learning tricks from my card-shark father. Which is why when the silver-skinned alien eyes me like an easy mark in the grungy bar, I can’t resist taking him for all he’s worth.
But I don’t care about his money. I want him to pretend to be my boyfriend so one of the new mechanics at the base will stop hitting on me. The plan is foolproof. Yool will come to the holiday party as my date, convince everyone that I’m off-limits, and then hightail it out of my life.
What I didn’t bet on is the smuggler being so frustratingly charming that my fellow rebels are convinced he’s a candidate for the nice list. Sharing my quarters is putting us both in serious danger of landing on the naughty list for life!

When the base is sabotaged after Yool arrives and he’s blamed for it, I have to prove he’s innocent before the holly jolly holidays become a merry mess.

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