Yearning for Yuri by A.W. Scott (ePUB)

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Yearning for Yuri (A Little Slice of Paradise #1) by A.W. Scott – Free eBooks Download


He’s a mystery I long to solve…

In another life, Wade wasn’t the laidback tattoo artist everyone knows now. He fought in wars, standing side by side with his brothers in arms. He learned how to spot when danger was near, even when things seem calm. When a man shows up claiming to be an old friend of his buddy Jasper, he doesn’t take his appearance as merely coincidence.
Keeping a close eye on the man won’t be hard to do with him showing up all the time. It’s just that the longer he watches, the more his suspicion changes. What was once contempt becomes yearning with a dash of hope for something Wade never thought he’d have – a boy of his own.
Yuri’s spent his entire life following the rules his father set. As the heir to a mafia throne, there have been plenty. Unfortunately, the biggest rule of all is that Yuri push aside his own wants and needs to be the man his father wants. Straight. Brutal. Uncaring. Though he tries, he can’t pretend any longer. So he does the only thing he knows how… he leaves.
The only person who he knows to help him start over is his old friend Jasper. But when Yuri tracks him down, he realizes Jasper’s world is a lot bigger these days and the men around him are different from anything he’s ever known. There’s Daddies and boys, Little and throuples. It’s all so intimidating for someone who has never had the chance to explore.
Can Wade let go of his suspicion long enough to follow through on his desire for Yuri? And can Yuri embrace his true self once and for all now that he’s free of his father’s rule? Everything starts to make sense at A Little Slice of Paradise.

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