XXXVII: The Elite by Serenity Ackles (ePUB)

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XXXVII: The Elite (XXXVII #1) by Serenity Ackles – Free eBooks Download


James Keyingham University: a college for the country’s richest, most powerful and influential elite…

My brother is serving a life sentence for a murder I know he didn’t commit. Things don’t add up, and all the evidence about the case seems to have disappeared.
One scholarship later, and I’m attending James Keyingham University. If I want to prove him innocent, I’ve got to keep up my grades long enough to find out the truth about what happened that night.
Every student here belongs to a family whose wealth puts them in the top 1% of the whole country. Including Synclair Keyingham, the younger brother of the guy mine confessed to killing.
Only, Syn doesn’t feel enough justice has been served and he’s determined to make my brother pay…
…By taking his revenge out on me.
With his best friends, Royal and Gemini, by his side, Syn has turned the whole campus against me, and my life is getting more hellish with each passing day.
Unfortunately for Syn, I’ve already lost everything. When you’ve got nothing left to lose, desperation can make you suffer through terrible things. No matter what hell he has planned for me, I’ve got one shot at finding the truth and I’ll do whatever it takes for my brother to walk free.

And then I’ll make Syn, Royal, Gemini—and the rest of the student body—get down on their knees and beg for forgiveness.

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