Wrong for Me by Lexi Aurora (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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Wrong for Me by Lexi Aurora – Free eBooks Download


When I look into his eyes, I don’t know whether to smack him on the nose or kiss that potty mouth speechless…I know how to work hard. Maybe that intimidates some men, but that’s the only way you get ahead in my world.So I need my rest when I can get it, but I’m finding that hard to do ever since Tyler moved into the building.He parties all night long, and doesn’t seem to care how many times I beg him to quiet down.

Those piercing eyes, that slight sneer of his as he stands in the doorway.I swear to God he likes watching me squirm every time I knock on his door to ask.The worst part is that we both know he won’t listen. And then I’ll be kept awake by the noise and those thoughts of him.He’s a total jerk, but in my fantasy he’s knocking on my door. Telling me that he needs me as he tears off all my cloths.Do I like him? How can that be?I can’t even stand to be in the same building as him, but I can’t stand that he’s not in bed with me either.

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